List of Outbreak Investigations in 2009

Serial Number Outbreak notification Place of occurence Suspected Outbreak Steps Taken by IEDCR Conclusion
1. Civil Surgeon, Dhaka on 8th April 2009 Malancha and Naogaonkait villages of Dhamrai Upazila Suspecetd toxic poisoning 1.Epidemiological investigation 2. Anthropological investigation 3. Animal investigation 4. Environmental investigation Pesticide poisoning
2. Dhaka Medical College auhtority on 6th February Dhaka Medical College Hospital Cluster of death due to intake of eggs (suspected Influenza like illness) Epidemiological investigation on 6 Feb ? Food poisoning
3. Civil Surgeon on 17th February Sonaimuri, Noakhali Unknown Disease Epidemiological investigation on 17 Feb Viral Encephalitis
4. Event based surveillance, PoE, Hopital and community based influenza surveillance Bangladesh Pandemic H1N1 (2009) Epidemiological and Laboratory Investigation Pandemic H1N1 (2009)
5. Daily Prothom Alo, Daily Ittefaq, July 19 Srifaltala Primary School, Rampal, Bagerhat Suspected Foodborne Intoxication Epidemiological Investigation on July 20 Mass Psychogenic Illness
6. Event based surveillance Chhotopathailhat, Santhia, Pabna Suspected Anthrax Outbreak Epidemiological and Animal Investigation on August 26-27 Cutaneous Anthrax
7. Event based surveillance Potazia, Shahjadpur, Sirajganj Suspected Anthrax Outbreak Epidemiological and Animal Investigation on October 1 Cutaneous Anthrax
8. Daily Star, Director Disease Control on October 13 Pabna Municipality and Sadar Upazilla Diarrhoea Outbreak Epidemiological Investigation on October 14-15 Diarrhoeal Disease Outbreak
9. UHFPO, Santhia, Pabna, November 26 Santhia Upazilla Unknown Disease 1. Epidemiological Investigation on December 09-10, 2. Entomological Investigation December 19- Chikungunya Outbreak
10. Daily newspapers, MOHFW Qwait Amal Orphanage, Jhikorgacha, Jessore Mass Psychogenic Illness Epidemiological Investigation on October 14-15 Mass Psychogenic Illness