List of Outbreak Investigations in 2008

Serial Number Outbreak notification Place of occurence Suspected Outbreak Steps Taken by IEDCR Conclusion
1. Bangladesh Medical College auhtority on 30th January Bangladesh Medical College Hospital Influenza Like Illness Epidemiological investigation on 30 Jan Not Avian Influenza
2. Dhaka Medical College auhtority on 6th February Dhaka Medical College Hospital Cluster of death due to intake of eggs (suspected Influenza like illness) Epidemiological investigation on 6 Feb ? Food poisoning
3. Civil Surgeon on 17th February Sonaimuri, Noakhali Unknown Disease Epidemiological investigation on 17 Feb Viral Encephalitis
4. Assistant professor, Microbiology,Enam Medical College Hospital on 26th February Doulotpur, Manikgonj Suspected Nipah Cluster 1.Preliminary outbreak investigation on 26 Feb 1. Case control study on 7 March Nipah Outbreak
5. Surveillance Physician on 27th February Baliakandi, Rajbari Suspected Nipah Cluster 1.Peliminary outbreak investigation on 28 Feb 1. Case control study on 4 March Nipah Outbreak
6. Dhaka Medical College authority on 3rd March Dhaka Medical College Hospital Suspected Influenza like illness Epidemiological investigation on 3 March Viarl encephalitis of unknown origin
7. Civil Surgeon on 4th March Bera, Pabna Unknown Disease Epidemiological investigation on 4 March Mass Psychogenic Illness
8. Civil Surgeon on 13th March Niamatpur, Naogaon Suspected Nipah outbreak Epidemiological investigation on 14 March Viral Encephalitis
9. Surveillance Physician on15th March Bowalmari, Faridpur Suspected Nipah Cases 1.Case control study on 15 March Isolated Niaph cases
10. Surveillance Physician on 6th April Bajitpur Medical college Isolated case with ILI 1.Investigation carried out 2. Blood sample tested for H5NI Not Avian Influenza
11. Civil Syrgeon on 10th April Belabo, Narshingdi Suspected puffer fish poisoning 1.Investigation on 10 April Puffer fish poisoning
12. Daily news paper (event based surveillance) between April-May Diff parts of Dhaka Diarrhea outbreak 1.Sample collection from diff affected areas between 11-19 May to study the culture sensitivity pattern Diarrhoea Surveillance
13. CDC, Atlanta on 20th May Savar, Dhaka Influenza like illness Epidemiological and qualitative investigation carried out on 21 May First Confirmed Human case of AI (H5N1)
14. Civil Surgeon on 17th May Atrai, Naogaon Unknown disease 1.Descriptive investigation 2. Qualitative investigation 3. Entomological investigation bewteen 18May-11 June ? Unknown disease (OPC poisoning)
15. Director Dhaka Medical college Hospital on 3rd June Tejkunipara, Dhaka Puffer fish poisoning 1.Epidemiological investigated on 3rd June Puffer fish poisoning
16. Civil Surgeon on 8th June Natore Puffer fish poisoning 1.Epidemiological and qualitative investigation on 28th July Puffer fish poisoning
17. Civil Surgeon on 25th June Shikermongal Govt. Primary high school of Kalkini Upazilla, Madaripur Unknown disease following adminstration of anti-helminth 1.Epidemiological Investigation on 25 June Mass Psychogenic Illness
18. Civil Surgeon on 26th June Amdala Govt. primary school of Shibalaya Upazilla, Manik gonj Unknown disease following adminstration of anti-helminth 1.Epid. Investigation by IEDCR on 26 June Mass Psychogenic Illness
19. Civil Surgeon on 6th July Natuapara of Sadar Upazilla, Jessore Suspected MPI 1.Epidemiological Investigation 2. Dessimination seminar in the affected school on 8th July Mass Psychogenic Illness
20. Civil Surgeon on 7th July Barakpur village ofDighulia Upazilla, Khulna Unknown disease 1.Epidemiological Investigation on 9th July Suspected viral encephalitis
21. Civil Surgeon on 8th July Danga high school of Polash Upazilla, Narshingdi Unknown disease 1.Epid. Investigation by IEDCR on 9th July Mass Psychogenic Illness
22. Civil Surgeon on 8th July Kendua of Netrokona Cluster of deaths from unknown disease 1.Epidemiological Investigation by IEDCR on 11th July One of the deaths from MI, one from mysterious cuase, deaths not related
23. Civil Surgeon on 14th July Jaipurhat Cluster of deaths in the same courtyard of Muchipara 1.Epidemiological Investigation by IEDCR on 16th July Different causes not epidemiologically linked
24. Daily Newspaper on 14th September Lama, Shatkani and Chakaria of bandarban, Cox's Bazaar and Chittagong Outbreak of Pneumonia among children 1.Epidemiological Investigation on 15th September ?ARI due to RSV
25. Civil Surgeon on 16th September Shatkhira District Outbreak of pneumonia among children 1.Epidemiological Investigation on 19th September Pneumonia outbreak
26. Directorate General of Health Services on 7th October Moualvibazaar District Diarrhoea outbrea 1.Epidemiological Investigation on 19th September Acute Watery Diarrhoea
27. Daily news paper (event based surveillance) on 27th October Maishkhal Upazilla, Cox's Bazaar District Puffer fish poisoning 1.Epidemiolgical investigation and 2. Qualitative Investigation on 30th October Poisoning from consumption of Puffer eggs
28. Daily newspaper (event based surveillance)from 3-13 November One district of Dhaka division and six districts of Rajshahi division Alcohol poisoning (rectified spirit) 1.Inevstigation by local health authority. 2. Follow-up by IEDCR Poisoning from consumption of rectified spirit/local alcohol
29. Local newspaper (event based surveillance)December Poba, Rajshahi & Chapai Nababgang Chikungunya Outbreak Investigation by IEDCR Chikungunya Outbreak