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One Health Bangladesh


A multi-disciplinary team including physicians, veterinarians, environmental scientists, civil society and development practitioners formed One Health (OH) Bangladesh, a forum for advocating the OH concept for controlling zoonotic and emerging infectious diseases. As the advocacy continued, a phase emerged towards building effective partnership to practice the OH approach by undertaking joint outbreak investigations, surveillance, prevention and control programs for Covid-19, avian influenza, nipah, rabies, and anthrax and other Zoonotic diseases of concern.  Capacity building initiatives including OH training by FAO, the Field Epidemiology Training programs jointly by the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control & Research (IEDCR) and US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US-CDC), USA and OH Postgraduate training by Massey University in collaboration with local partners created a momentum for practicing One Health approach in Bangladesh. The Strategic Framework and Action Plan for the Application of a One Health Approach in Bangladesh (2017 – 2021)was developed jointly by Government partners, UN agencies, and other stakeholders to benefit from institutionalization of  OH approach  and targeted activities within the government systems. As part of institutionalization an inter-ministerial steering committee on One Health (IMSC-OH) has been formed and OH Secretariat location at IEDCR has started to function with the funding support from the government and international partners. One Health Bangladesh (the professional platform) and One Health Secretariat (OHS), Bangladesh regularly arranges biennial conferences (with some exceptions under unavoidable circumstances). The purpose of the conference is to share and learn from international experts, experiences, good practices and in country research work. Advocacy for strong commitment and incremental investment for health security using OH approach is also another  objective of these biennial OH Conference. The imprint of the decade long OH movement is clearly visible in Bangladesh with tangible progress in institutionalization, coordinated surveillance & response, workforce development and food safety & security.